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Hot water, yellow walls, yellow tops, giraffes, penguins. Purple shirts and cadged squirrels. Blue eyes, and messy hair. Burst balloons, scissors and inappropriate behavior. Waiting, anticipating. Cheap wine and loosened tongues. Orange, doctors, tenants and hills, smells.

We indulge, publicly, inappropriately, insultingly, without care or consideration. Disgusting affection. Tongue, lips, ears, nose.

We indulge in our laughter and words, alcohol and kisses.

Sober, little sleep. Big head phones and bigger suitcases. Coffee, morning, newspapers.  White walls and carved tables. Shy kisses, lips, tongue, nose. Good byes, and promises in given books.

You are the one I dreamed of. But don’t I always dream and fall easily? At least this time my obsession was picked more appropriately.

Swaying walls, blue light. Bed and towels, dripping skin. Sweat or water? Beating heart and pumping pulse, legs and arms and loud in my ears. Sleepy eyes and captured thoughts. Too much time to sit and think and wait.
I'm not really a writer, I'm pretty much based in visual art. However, I do read a lot, and I love writing about other's work. So, I took at stab at putting down what I felt. Its not a poem, just a stream of consciousness recounting recent memories as I lay in the bath. Its very personal so a lot of the imagery probably won't make sense.

Opinions please.

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April 13, 2009
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